Remember the day you got into medical school? You were going to change the world. You were full of altruism, care and enthusiasm. And for the most part, that is still the case. But there are just some things that aren’t going as you would like them to.


Maybe you can’t decide where to take your career next? This might be choice of specialty, maybe it is about deciding what to add to your expertise or a portfolio career, or maybe you are an established consultant wondering what is next?


Maybe you know what you want, but are unclear how to get there? Exams, interviews, promotions, leadership roles, they can all be challenging to attain. They require not only hard work, but the right skills and attitudes specifically needed to achieve the desired goal.


Maybe you’ve been successful in achieving your next career step, but you now need to transition into the new role. Are you a new consultant? New clinical leader? New educator? Getting there is only part of the battle, you also have to successfully transition into the new role, and overcome impostor syndrome.


Once settled in the new role, you still have to deliver what is asked of you. Working in the complexities of NHS is a challenge, achieving what you want takes persistence, broad shoulders, resilience, emotional intelligence, and the right mindset. And somehow still have an overall balance that allows you to do things other than work.


Despite overcoming many challenges, success still need to be accompanied by a career that is meaningful, and gives your life purpose. Despite successes, you may feel a grumbling dissatisfaction with the way things are, or even experience an overwhelming event that makes you question your direction. You desire a career that is successful AND meaningful.

I coach people who

1: face a challenge, important decision, change of direction, or some other dissatisfaction

2: are committed to personal development to be the best they can for themselves as well as for those around them

3: are willing to address big questions (for example life and career direction, meaning, purpose, choice)