Your helpers

We all have people in our lives that help us, whether they are family members or work colleagues, and whether we are leading in the workplace or making career decisions. Those people play different roles. Some people play more than one role, depending on the circumstances. 


Understanding our helpers and their roles is important, as this tells us the stance they are advising from, and it helps us choose the person we talk to depending on our needs. It also ensures that they remain a help rather than a hindrance!


Here are eight broad categories of helpers:

1: Innovator is creative and full of can-do attitude.

2: Motivator is full of energy and passion, keeping you going, reminding you of your achievements and goals.

3: Teacher offers sensible guidance, and knows when to praise, push, or criticise you.

4: Believer has complete confidence in you, and supports you wholeheartedly.

5: Problem solver is practical and goal orientated.

6: Listener provides an outlet for any stresses without offering advice.

7: Collaborator works with you, both in the same shoes.

8: Planner is methodical, organised, efficient.

(From Sophie Rowan's book "Brilliant Career Coach")

Who plays those roles in your life? Do you know who to go to with different needs? And what role / roles do you play in other people’s lives?

Image by Timon Studler